About us

Fount Estremiero is owned and managed by Simon and Jana, a Belgian couple who combined their love for hospitality and the good life to create a unique place where guests immediately feel at home.

Simon, fueled by his passion for cycling and hiking, has always dreamt of running a cozy place where cyclists and adventurers can come together. He loves welcoming guests with delightful breakfasts and eagerly shares his knowledge and experience about the most beautiful cycling routes and hikes.

Jana, a creative soul with an eye for detail, crafts the warm and inviting atmosphere of our B&B. Her love for design and local craftsmanship is evident in every nook of the house. From the carefully decorated rooms to the beautiful garden, each element reflects the passion and dedication Jana has poured into Fount Estremiero. As a massage therapist, she also offers various types of relaxing massages.

Together, Simon and Jana form a perfect team. Their joyful daughter, Ayda, brightens up their family. Her playfulness brings youthful energy to the B&B, ensuring every guest feels immediately at home. Ayda’s smile is infectious, and her enthusiasm for exploring the world adds a special charm to the guest experience.

At Fount Estremiero, we aim to offer not just accommodation but a complete experience that helps you forget the stresses of daily life. We invite you to discover the serene surroundings of the ‘Montagne Noire’ and be part of our story. At Fount Estremiero, every moment becomes a memory and every stay tells a tale.

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